Timothy is a Ministry of Justice approved/accredited Provider for Family Dispute Resolution (FDR), which means he is able to offer an FDR service also known as Family Mediation to parties who wish to self fund, or who qualify for state funding as well as a mixture of both.

Please click here to access the Ministry of Justice Funding Table to see if you quality for public funding for FDR.

Timothy set up the Family Works Resolution Service for Family Works Northern covering much of the North Island.  If you wish to access publicly funded FDR services you are most welcome to contact the Family Works Resolution Service on 0800 RESOLVE (0800 737 6583).  Timothy is also able to provide FDR quickly and privately by contacting him below.


What is Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)?

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is a Ministry of Justice service designed to support people needing help resolving parenting matters before they have to go to Court. 

FDR involves an independent professional helping parents identify the matters in dispute, facilitating discussion, and assisting them to reach agreement.

FDR is focussed on helping separating/separated parents and guardians achieve lasting outcomes, and giving them skills and greater confidence to resolve future problems. FDR also encourages parents to be responsible for reducing the negative effects of conflict on children.

FDR is mandatory for almost everyone prior to commencing Care of Children Act  2004 (CoCA) proceedings. In cases where FDR is may be inappropriate (for example, urgent proceedings, some safety risks, or parties consent to orders), parties may be able go directly to the Family Court and have an application accepted for a court resolved outcome.

What types of matters go to Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)?

FDR deals with matters where those with an interest in the safety and wellbeing of any children are trying to reach agreement on parenting or guardianship arrangements. Common areas of dispute include:

  • day-to-day care and contact arrangements

  • choosing a school and extra-curricular activities

  • school holiday care.

How much does Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) cost?

FDR is fully subsidised for the estimated 75 percent of participants who meet a simplified eligibility test for public funding.

For those not eligible, the cost of FDR is significantly less than retaining a lawyer and proceeding to a defended court hearing. The full cost of accessing the initial 1:1 assessment meeting also known as the Pre Mediation meeting is always free with the Family Works Resolution Service.  If the case then progresses to Family Mediation, and for those who have to self fund, the government set fee  is NZD $897.00 inc. GST per case.  This fee is then divided equally between those participating. 

If you wish to  access FDR privately with Timothy, the cost for the  entire process, which includes a private individual Pre Mediation meeting for each party and up to 4 x 90 minute family mediation meetings, is NZD $4000 per case.  There is no GST payable. If you wish access Timothy privately for your FDR, once all parties have engaged you will have your first Family Mediation meeting within 5 days.